As a creative Social Media or Online Influencer, you want to make a positive impact on your community.

You have a purpose…

…to share and inspire others. And to monetize your knowledge.

But, perhaps like others you’ve seen come and go, you’re worried that one day, you too will be forgotten.

Your brand will die out.

An Influencer App for Social Media Influencers #influencer #blogtips #socialmedia

You’ll lose your influence.

After all…

Have you stopped to think what would happen to your precious community if Instagram or Facebook, YouTube or Twitter went away tomorrow?

Would you still have a business?

And look at what’s already happened…

Vine failed, Myspace failed, Google Plus is GOING AWAY!

Facebook is in trouble. Twitter is quickly losing its value.

Let’s face it… as an entrepreneurial Influencer, you know it’s risky to build your brand, your following, on “rented” land.

What’s more…

Traditional social media attracts your spectators, competitors, haters as well as your fans.

Image if you could have your own app better than Instagram that was only for your tribe, your supporters, your raving fans?

How much more confidence, peace of mind and freedom would you feel knowing your community will continue to grow with your influence?

One Way To Control Your Influence Is With Your Own Mobile App

An Influencer App for Social Media Influencers

An Influencer Platform is for you if your tribe wants to connect with like-minded people.

Having your own mobile app means you can focus on your real fans.

Take them away from traditional social media into your own platform… to nurture, inspire and influence them.

And best of all… with your own app, you’ll be able to isolate and leave behind the spectators, competitors and haters.

5 Benefits of Having an App Better than Instagram

Social Media Influencer App #influencer

1 – Monetize your knowledge

You can monetize your content, knowledge and expertise through your own personalized app.

You’ll have a single platform to share, sell and deliver your content, products and services while linking directly to your eCommerce site for secure payment.

An Influencer App for Social Media Influencers

Imagine… efficiently teaching and inspiring your community through your courses, books, merchandise, consulting services, live events, webinars.

2 – Stay connected with your followers easily

Social media platforms are saturated with tons of “influencers” who aren’t there for the right reasons. That’s why there’s a lack of engagement on social media content.

With your own personalized mobile app, you can share your content, your message, your knowledge directly within your community.

This platform will become your “NEW” interactive mailing list. You’ll always be connected with your tribe.

3 – Take control of what your followers see and build your reach and engagement

If you’re not keeping up with the algorithm changes to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, then your content isn’t getting seen.

Online Influencer Guide. Social Media Influencer App. #influencer #socialmedia

Having your own app gives you control of what your community sees. You control the content, reach and engagement with your tribe.

 4 – Increase your engagement through chat

Now you’ll have the option of engaging and connecting directly with your community through chats.

Jump into public discussion forums or in private groups to find out what your tribe wants to hear more about.

Best of all… you’ll receive message notifications to always stay connected to the heart of your community.

5 – Manage content, so your followers get the best from you

One of the best things with having your own app is that each member of your community can set filters only to get the content they really want to see from you.

An Influencer App for Social Media Influencers

This means you’ll always stay relevant to your audience.

How To Stay On The Cutting Edge…

We know you want to stay ahead of your competition. That’s why you’ve been a first adopter in many areas.

An Influencer App for Social Media Influencers #blogtips #socialmedia #influencer #iphoneapp

That’s why you’re an influencer.

Now you can be on the cutting edge with your own mobile app that’s better than Instagram or Facebook.

Confidently share your expertise with your community, so you can make a global impact, fulfill your purpose and achieve your business goals.

Interested in growing your influence your way?

Schedule a demo today.

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